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Fort Bend Broadcast Services, LLC

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   Paul Easter 

Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer

In his 43 years of working in broadcasting, Paul has built over 50 stations. FBBS has the contacts and resources to successfully do any type of technical work that a station would need. We pride ourselves on using these resources to come up with the best solution for your business. Whether it means having a monthly service contract or helping you set up your technical department with qualified personnel and procedures that will allow you to easily manage your technical department. Also if you are looking to build new stations or do a major upgrade on existing stations we have access to the best in the business and can handle everything from start to finish.

FBBS offers annual AM NRSC measurements. A NRSC measurement is a spectrum measurement that the FCC requires AM radio stations to have performed on an annual basis. What these measurements do is check the signal a station's transmitter is not outside the allotted bandwidth.  FBBS also does HDradio (IBOC) measurements.

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1208 Celaya Ct
Rosenberg, TX  (Houston area) 77471


FBBS Supports KHCB and all it does.

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